Schlumberger Rebreaker GC14R5L10 ( 14082E)

NSC Schlumberger GC14R5L10, year of manufacture 1993
24 end can creel
5 roller R5L10 Rebreaker.
GC14 Chain gill 270mm wide head, 700 x 1200mm manual coiler
Invertor speed control. Max delivery speed 450m/min.
Improvements to the machine include:

New rubber rollers on R5 unit
New disposable fallers
4 new head chains
Guides on head
Hood damper on breaker section.
Roller dampers on breaker section
Machine body cleaned painted.
New door sound proofing
Cleaners on rebreaker section
New shafts bushes bearings coiler pot
New ball race bearings coiler base.
New static bars rebreaker section.

Type - NSC Schlumberger - more
Manufacturer - NSC Schlumberger - more

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