Carding 2500mm and Crosslapper and Needlepunch 2600mm  Nonwoven line (12137)

Carding and Crosslapper and Needlepunch Nonwoven line (Ref. 12137)

The line is currently producing 450-1150gsm PP/nylon felt.

Cliffe Bale opener
2m wide
4m long feed conveyor
Secondary conveyor
Inclined spiked lattice
Levelling and stripping rollers
Fishtail outlet
5.5Kw Conveyor fan to feed tower

Card Feed Tower
To receive blended fibre automatically from the bale opener
Top section with flanged inlet
Level of fibre controlled by sensors
Bottom section with two discharge rollers

Volumetric Hopper Feeder
Model AF7
Width 2500mm

Inclined spiked lattice with 2.2KW AC drive
Magnet over spiked lattice
Levelling comb with 0.75Kw AC drive
Whipper roller with 1.1AC drive
Chute delivery with vibrating back-plate with 1.1Kw AC drive
PEC sensor to control level in the chute
Fluted rollers

Microfeed 2000 weight control system
To monitor and control fibre delivery from the Chute feed
Fibre control by feed roller speed adjustment
Weigh-plate on loadcells
Variable DC drive to feed rollers

Tatham Carding machine
Model SX4 Series
Year 1992
Serial no. 14953 (OB1033)

PVC feedsheet
3 - Feed rollers 100mm
1 Lickerin 600mm
1 Burr roller 150mm (missing scraper conveyor)
1 Worker 220mm
1 Stripper 120mm
1 Transfer 500mm
1 Breast 915mm
2 Breast workers 220mm
2 Breast strippers 120mm
1 Transfer 500mm
1 Cylinder 1600mm
6 Workers 220mm
6 Strippers 120mm
1 Top doffer with stripper 500mm
1 Dofmaster for top doffer
1 Bottom doffer with stripper 500mm
1 Dofmaster for bottom doffer

Metallic card wire throughout
Coarse metal detection on feed rollers with clutch
Hinged top covers
Interlocked guarding with sliding doors
Card mounted in pedestals with walkway to each side
Steel undergrids

Electrical controls
Offered with original Link drive system, we recommend upgrading to a new AC drive system.
Operator desk with weight control and card controls. Also includes the needleloom controls

Automatex Crosslapper
Model FA2000
Serial no. MAT1420/C
2500mm web inlet (conveyor 2830mm)
Bottom lattice outlet 2700mm
Electrical control panel
Operator control desk

Fehrer Needleloom
Batt feeder with plastic fingers
Feed conveyor 2750mm
Working width 2600mm
Stroke 60mm
Serial number 21
Year 1992
Single board down punch
Single board up punch
Electrical control panel
Operator controls are mounted in the card control desk

The line is sold without a wind-up

Overall floorspace 14m x 9m

Type - Nonwoven - more
Manufacturer - Tatham Fehrer - more

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