Carding Machine:
1000mm- consisting of Feeding table, feed rollers, Main Cylinder, Doffer, Fancy, 4 workers/strippers and coiling funnel output.

Draw frame consisting of 4 input/outputs.

5 off Ring Spinning frames, 12 spindles each, 90mm ring, broken end detectors. each.

1 off Manual winder consisting of 4 heads.

1 off Steamer consisting of 4 steaming tubes.

1 off Hank holder for unwinding hanks.

1 off Top unwinder.

2 off Mesdan hand air splicers

160 off round cans for card and spinning frames
Flanged Spinning bobbins 245/195
Several hundred cardboard cones to supply with machines.

Type - Spinning - more
Manufacturer - Belfast Mini Mills - more

Enquire about Belfast Mini Mills Sample Carding and Worsted Spinning equipment.( 12135)