Acrylic Fibre-  Seydel 870 and NSC Schlumberger GC15  line for sale  Year 1996 (14082A)

Acrylic Fibre- Seydel and NSC Schlumberger line for sale Year 1996

Seydel stretch Breaker 870. Machine no. 19092 Year 1999
Seydel stretch breaker, overhead creel, heater plates, cooling conveyor for high bulk tops, sliver compactor on output, automatic can delivery, recommended in feed weight 120-220ktex, filament fineness 1-17dtex, mean fibre length 80-130mm, sliver weight 30-60g/m, delivery speed 240 meter /min. Practical output 300-450kg/hour. Installed power 115kw.

Rebreaker machine no 18831 Year 1996
NSC Schlumberger GC 15R5L10, year of manufacture 1996, rebreaker, can creel, 1000x1200 manual coiler. 5 roller breaking. Maximum delivery speed 500m/min. 27 cm wide head. Invertor speed control.

NSC Schlumberger preparation line model GC15 composed of:
First passage, autoleveller,machine no 29388 year 1996, can creel , manual can change, delivery 1 sliver in 1 can dia. 1000 x 1200 mm .
Second passage, double coiler ,machine no 29389 year 1996,
can creel, manual can change, manual can change, delivery 2 sliver in 2 can dia 700x 1200 mm .
Third passage, bi- coiler, machine no 29390 year 1996, can creel, manual can change, delivery 4 slivers in 2 cans dia. 700 x 1200 mm .

Schlumberger FM8N horizontal rubbing frame
Schlumberger FM8N ,machine no 6399 Year 1996, horizontal rubbing frame, 20 spindles, manual doffing, year 1996. 355mm pitch, 2 rovings per bobbin, input 12 to 15 ktex according to the material, roving weight 0.66 -5.5Nm, draft 9 to 26 by gear box, nsc double apron drafting, draft apron 145 mm wide, rubbing speed 1200 cycles /min maximum, number rubs 5 to 8 per meter, 300mm bobbin, delivery speed up to 220meters/min.

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