12145C Garnett Bywater Needled Felt Production Line

12137 Garnet Bywater Nonwoven Production Unit

The opportunity to purchase a Garnett nonwoven production line suitable for a variety of nonwoven products from recycled or blended fibres.
Hopper feed
Garnett 1500mm Double Doffer Card
Needle Loom to 2000mm width
Cross cut and edge slitting

Machine details:
Hopper Feed 1500mm width
1800mm feed sheet
Inclined Lattice
Stripping roller
Metal detection
Chute feed

Garnet double doffer Card 1500mm
Feed rollers
4 pair workers
Double doffer with combs
2 Lattice feed to the crosslapper

Crosslapper 2000mm input apron, 2500mm outlet apron,2600mm inclined convoyer to needle loom.

Bywater Needle loom downstroke 2300mm needle bed
Eastman cardinal Cross cut rotary slitter
2 off Edge trim slitters
Maximum working width 2000mm
Roll take up
Currently manufacturing 11 metre 1370mm width underlay felt rolls 28 to 56 ounce per sq, yard to maximum 15mm depth.

Type - Nonwoven - more
Manufacturer - Garnett Bywater - more

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