12145C  Dell’Orco Laroche Recycling Line 2

Laroche Recycling line no 2 comprising:

Dell’Orco Rotary Cutter TR700 Year 1996 TR2181 600mm width rotary cutter 2400mm feed sheet
Inclined Conveyor 18600mm feeding to-
Walker Smith Rotary 3 blade Cutter 700mm width rotary cutter 1800mm feed sheet
Fan (WK Knowles) with 4 bag dust collection unit, feeding to-
Pneumatic Conveyors Blending hopper 1500mm wide
2800mm feed sheet, inclined sheet, fan feeding to:
Laroche 1000mm wide 3 cylinder tearing line
1000mm hopper with Shirley wheel, fan and dust collection
2 off dust collection units (3 bags each)
Ken Mills T60 Revolver Twin Bale Press (Green)
• 70 tons main press ram.
• Twin chamber baling machine for compaction of textiles
• Bale size: - Approx. 1150 x 790 x 1140 high.
• Condensor feed with reserve chute
• Fan to dust collection unit (4 bag)

Suitable for a variety of waste fibre and materials recycling

Type - Recycling - more
Manufacturer - Dell'Orco Laroche - more

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